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Terms and Conditions

Credit check and credit information

I confirm that I am authorized on behalf of the company to file this application and provide the following confirmations.

I confirm that all the information provided by me is correct and I authorise Cembra Money Bank AG (“Bank”) in connection with verifying this application and processing the contractual relationship to obtain information about me, for example from other companies within the Cembra Group (“Group Companies”, a current list of which is available at, banks, external credit analysts, public offices, the Central Agency for Credit Information (ZEK), the Information Agency for Consumer Credit (IKO) and other bodies as provided by law or otherwise, and to report information to ZEK, IKO as well as other bodies if so required by applicable law. I acknowledge the right of ZEK and IKO to provide information about the data reported to their members. Any data restrictions specified by me are deemed to be revoked with respect to the Bank.

If my application is sent to the bank via an intermediary (e.g. agent or broker), the bank may exchange the necessary information with the intermediary regarding application/creditworthiness check, the conclusion and processing of the contract as well as the intermediary’s commission.

Personal data and data protection

  • The Bank may process my data for marketing and advertising purposes, analyse it and create profiles from it. The Bank may offer me products and services, including from Group Companies. I may object to this processing at any time.
  • The Bank and the Group Companies may share my data with each other for credit risk and fraud prevention purposes and process it for such purposes.
  • The Bank may outsource services to Group Companies and third parties in Switzerland and abroad (“Service Providers”), in particular in the area of executing business processes, IT security and system control, market research and processing, the calculation of business-related credit and market risks as well as the administration of contractual relations (e.g., application and contract processing, collections and customer communication).
  • The Bank may have my data processed in countries that do not have a level of data protection equivalent to that of Switzerland. The data will only be transferred if the Service Provider has committed itself to maintaining an adequate level of data protection and to protecting bank client confidentiality. I am aware that my data will be transmitted abroad and that it will also be transferred by email and/or over the internet if I have chosen this method of communication.

Further information regarding data protection may be found in the Bank’s Privacy Policy (

I hereby expressly waive my right to bank client confidentiality with regard to all data processing referred to above.

The Bank has the right to reject this application without stating grounds.