Frequently asked questions

Questions about Cembra Business

We are a business unit of Cembra Money Bank AG and offer financing solutions specifically for Swiss SMEs.

Because of the technology we use, we are able to guarantee our clients a financing decision as fast as possible. Cembra Money Bank AG also guarantees the financing that Cembra Business provides.

Cembra Business grants financing of CHF 5,000 to CHF 250,000. Our offer is geared towards Swiss SMEs with a minimum annual turnover of CHF 100,000.

The financing that we provide helps bridge short-term to medium-term operating liquidity issues.

Questions about signing up and qualifying for finance

The application is completely digital without physical documents being necessary. The application is made with the help of basic information about the company, information about the applicant as well as information about the financial situation of the company (annual reports from the last two years, account statements for the last 12 months as well as VAT returns).

Your financing enquiry is completely free.

We finance Swiss SMEs with annual turnover of at least CHF 100,000 and operative activity of at least two years. Our offer is geared towards individual enterprises, stock corporations and limited liability companies under Swiss law.

We verify the financing as soon as the application with the required documents has been completely submitted. A financing decision is made within one working day.

Identification is simple and completed online in only a few minutes. Online identification is made by Intrum on behalf of Cembra Business. In a video conference with our specialists, you are requested to show your identification document via your webcam so that a comparison can be made between you and your identification document. The identification is completed with the help of the latest technology. A real-time confirmation is forwarded directly to Cembra Business within a very short amount of time.

An identity document (identity card or passport) is necessary for online identification.

Yes. In order to check previous payment behaviour, an automated information comparison is made with various credit agencies and the central office for credit information (ZEK).

Questions about the Cembra Business product

Business loans with a duration of 12 months can be taken. Repayment is made in instalments, and after disbursement, monthly instalments are due in fixed amounts.

Yes, in addition to payment behaviour, the financial situation of your company is taken into account in your conditions. Interest is calculated according to a risk-based pricing approach.

No fixed fees are incurred in addition to interest. Other fees are incurred according to the costs-by-cause principle and can be found in the fee overview. Interest rates are geared toward the client’s solvency and are calculated according to a risk-based pricing approach.

Questions about repayment

Early or full repayment of the entire outstanding loan amount is free. Thus, clients can terminate their loan agreement early after one month free of charge. If the client repays more than the monthly instalment that is owed (but not the entire loan amount), this does lead to a reduction of the loan amount or of the loan interest and future instalments will be adjusted

Equal instalments (annuities) are due on a monthly basis. The instalments include interest as well as repayment of the financing.

If delays in repaying the financing become apparent, we ask you to contact us immediately. We would be glad to look for an appropriate alternative with you.

Questions about data protection and security

Data protection and data security are a very high priority for Cembra Business. We have taken appropriate technical and operational security precautions to protect your personal data from unauthorized access and abuse. Our security procedures are verified and evaluated on a regular basis and are regularly adjusted to the latest technological standards. You can find more information about data protection in our privacy policy.

Data protection and data security are a very high priority for Cembra Business. That is why protecting personal data is very important to us. Basically, only Cembra Money Bank AG and third parties that Cembra Money Bank AG commissions to perform services can view your data. You can find more information about data protection in our privacy policy.