Cembra Business enables financing opportunities for established Swiss SMEs

A unique approach to business lending in Switzerland

What we do

Cembra Business is offering online, simple and fast access to funds between CHF 5,000 and CHF 250,000.

We use a state of the art underwriting method based on static and dynamic financial data, enhanced by all peripheral data made available by our potential clients.

Therefore we can offer the optimal business loan offering that fits your needs via a risk-based pricing approach.

Once approved, we ensure that our SME clients get their funds within 48 hours.

Our offering is available to Swiss-based SME clients directly online or via our distribution partners.

Our vision

We aspire to be the number one choice for SMEs in providing online financing in Switzerland. In the long run, our product and service range aims to cover all of the financing needs of Swiss-based SMEs.

Our mission

Cembra Business finances SMEs and contributes to a major function of the general business financing market in Switzerland – in which capital is supplied, acquired, and costed or priced.

We supply capital in the form of loans and in the near future we will offer further lending products and services allowing SMEs to focus on their business core activities.